Importance of Soccer Training

For many years, soccer has been a world-famous game with a fan base that is unmatched to any other game so far. In the beginning, the game was predominantly played by men, this trend has however changed in the recent past giving rise to wide female participation in the game. In many communities, the introduction […]

Reaching Fitness For Soccer The Easy Way

It is very important for a football player to be fit at all times. A burly or stout person might be able to play basketball, but the same person would have a hard time surviving a single soccer game. Just imagine needing to run up and down for a full 90 minutes with almost no […]

Soccer Practice – Gotta Sweat!

It is very important for soccer players to follow a regular training schedule in order to stay conditioned and fit for the game. Remember that a player must run up and down the court for 90 minutes or more. Without proper training, a soccer player will not last even half of those 90 minutes. There are specific […]